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Unleash the potentials of your mind

 Both of our Self-Care Programs were developed in Japan in 2003.
Thousands of clients have achieved personal serenity.
We are here to assist anyone who wants to bring clarity to their mind.


Mind Cleansing Program

Available Courses

New      Quick Mind Cleansing Course

Level 1. Beginner's: Journey of Self-Discovery  

Level 2. Master's:  Expanding Perspectives of Self & Others

Level 3. Executive: Be the Captain of Your Life

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Program Benefits

1. Build Inner-Strength.

Our program assists anyone prepare for the future. We prepare anyone who wishes to gain strength to pursue through the challenges that may stand in their way.

2. Connect with your Inner-Self.

Relax with our specially-designed music to take off to your imagination world and feel your true self. A unique self-fulfillment approach available only with Open-alpha in the U.S.

3. Obtain State of Serenity Within 10minutes.*

Our program provides people with tools and knowledge to empty their mind and regain positivity. With practice, you can restore inner-peace in as little as 10 minutes. 

*It varies with practice.

4. Certification Courses for Partnership.

Completion of certification courses allows people to teach our self-care courses as independent contractors.

5. East Meets West.

Our program is developed with the teachings of Plato, the renowned Greek philosopher, and the essence of Zen, which we will experience throughout the courses.

Many more possible outcomes:

  • Bring positivity and get rid of negativity in life

  • Resolve personal problems and struggles on your own 

  • Realize inner-potentials awaiting to be explored

  • Regain control over your life

  • And many more..


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For Executives

Effective & Productive Way to Success

For Companies

Stress-Management Solutions

For Individuals

Enhance Imagination

Meet Our Trainer

Yumi Tomita


Certified Senior Trainer

Certified Executive Trainer

Hello! I strive to be a compassionate and friendly trainer. I’m humbled by all the feedback I receive from my clients who experience the courses with me. We make the time together relaxing and comfortable, thus, we naturally bond so quickly. Since 2017, I have been sharing the methods and the mission. Courses are available in both English and Japanese.



Feedback from clients after completion of all courses

I manage the sales department of an insurance company. I took the course to reduce stress from work and home, and improve my decision making skills and judgement skills. I feel my perspectives have broadened and judgement skill has improved, which helped me handle emergency situations calmly yet promptly. My sales performance has improved.

Sales Director


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“Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.”

Albert Einstein

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