About Us

How did the programs start?

Open-alpha’s Self-Care Courses were first developed in Japan in 2003.

Everything started with a simple question:

"How can we train our mind and body to stay strong?" 

Then the duplicatable methods were designed to allow anyone to self-care themselves with peace of mind.

It's been contributing to thousands of people's wellness since it started.

We are excited to share the programs with you!

Yumi Tomita

Founder and Certified Trainer

Message from Founder

Yumi Tomita - Founder & Certified Trainer

I feel honored to be selected as the first trainer here in the U.S. to share the program. I founded Open-alpha in California, where I call home after living here for almost 22 years.

After being introduced to the methods, I realized how powerful exploring my inner-self could be. I always felt powerless and assumed everyone around me knew more about who I truly was and should provide answers for me. However, even after so many opinions and advice from others, I continued to have so many questions: Why do I feel lost? What is the right path for me? What does it mean for me to be truly happy?

My father introduced me to the program, and I am so grateful for his continuous support and guidance out of love. All I knew in the beginning was how this program could potentially change my life. I did not expect the outcome to be so great. Once I understood the methodology and theories behind each course, I realized everyone has their own potentials and can fully experience happiness when they get connected to the deepest part of their mind. Easier said than done, perhaps, yet the program made it so comfortable for me through the guidance and unique music. 


For anyone that is curious, we have created a fun and easy way to try our programs.

Be sure to check them out!

I can't wait to meet you and share what it's all about!

With love,


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