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Course Agreement / Terms & Conditions

Thank you very much for registering for the course(s) provided by Open-alpha, LLC. 

We have established the following provisions for individuals who take the courses to protect the knowledge, skills and qualifications to be acquired as our shared property. Please read and agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions, by signing at the bottom of this page.


1. Registration / Cancellation Policy

This contract will be established upon receipt of the payment (course fees) and once you book any of our courses. Please note that once the course materials are shipped, cancellation will not be accepted, and no refunds or credits can be issued. Please notify us immediately if you decide to cancel after you paid for the course. Cancellation must be made before the course materials are shipped for full refund.


2. Scheduling

Please schedule through Open-alpha’s online booking page, and discuss with your instructor if re-scheduling is necessary. Please reschedule 3 days prior to the scheduled session. The classes are to be held when both parties are available.


3. Course deadline for each course

Each course must be completed within 3 months from the day you start the first session.

The course is considered terminated after exceeding three months. If for any reason you cannot complete it within the period, in order to maintain the smooth course progress and maintain the understanding of the course, you would need to take from the very first session (sign a new lecture contract). Should any problems occur, please contact us.


4. Copyright and Liability

· All textbooks and other course materials used in the courses are copyrighted © under Open-alpha, LLC.

· Unauthorized reproduction or quotation is prohibited.

· Textbooks, course materials, music and any other information used in the courses are to be used only for those taking the classes.

· Duplicating, or re-distributing any materials used in the classes (textbooks, course materials, music and any other information) is strictly prohibited.


5. Compliance obligation

Music used in the courses are distributed to clients through YouTube. This permits us to legally share the music.

It is agreed by YouTube conditionally that the music used in the classes and provided to clients (under the conditions signed here) are permitted to be used only when the copyright owner monetizes through advertisements. Do not duplicate, and distribute them to others.


6. Violations

Any violations of the above provisions threaten and jeopardize our intellectual property. We will respond promptly and strictly.