For Executives

Effective & Productive Way to Success

How to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world

1.  Our program has guided many executives bring clarity in the mind and realize how they can rely on their intuitions to reach their goals.

Few questions executives have shared with us:

How can I refine and improve my performance?

I have great ideas in my mind - Now what?

I want A, B & C to be successful. How can I get there?

How do I know what is right for me & the company?

Our program will guide you through the process to discover how the answers to all these questions are accessible within you.

2. Within 10 minutes* 


Oftentimes, leading a company or managing people involves stress and challenges.

Goal achievers can get overwhelmed.

During tough times, one of the most important things that often gets sacrificed is self-care.​


Open-alpha’s methods show how 10 minutes* is enough to:

          Experience positive energy flow

Feel the confidence rise

Visualize the successful outcome

Course Benefits:

-No need to spend hours or days suffering with negative thoughts.

-Our specially-designed music for mind stimulation. 

-Productive and efficient approach to find solutions.

-Gain tools and skills to use whenever you need them.

*Results may vary based on training and practice


—  President (Wellness & lifestyle industry)

"I have taken so many coaching classes in my life, and most of them taught me what to do to be successful. But this program is different. It shows me how to know what steps to take from start to finish to achieve my goal. This is what I have been looking for. Thank you!"