Mind Cleansing Program

To bring you a peaceful & calming mind 

Start feeling

Positive and calm


Our unique mind cleansing techniques

Feeling Exhausted..?

Do you feel like your mind needs a break but you don't have time to relax? 


With work and family and so many things to take care of, you might not have enough time to take care of yourself. But when our mind feels exhausted, it can negatively affect productivity and the overall emotional wellbeing.

This is where Open-alpha can help you with. We share our unique mind cleansing method, which is designed to help you quickly remove negativity out of your mind, so you can focus on what matters to you the most with peace of mind. 

Based on the ancient practice from Japan, combined with the renowned Greek philosopher, Plato's teachings, you'll gain techniques and knowledge on how you can calm your mind and regain positivity anytime you feel conflicted.  

If you've been searching for quick and effective solutions to stress instead of temporary one, then we got you covered! Your mind will thank you :)


How can it help?

Our mind cleansing technique uses music which is designed to help reduce the weight of stress and anxiety you feel so you don't need to spend hours and days suffering with the emotional weight.

What do I get out of it?

In our program, you'll learn how to use the tools, knowledge and the specially-edited music to help you declutter your mind and clean your mental space. 

Use the technique anytime you feel conflicted!

As you advance the courses, you'll learn how to apply the cleansing technique to many aspects of your life. What's weighing you down? Your work, your relationships, pandemic..

Find out how you can let go of unwanted feelings and situations, so you can live with peace of mind!

It works well whenever you feel down and you want to regain positivity.

You can use your short break and practice on your own everyday.

For example...

Right before your important meeting

When you feel sad, depressed, or overwhelmed

When your emotion feels out of control

Use the mind cleansing technique and.. Recharge your mind with positive energy!

With so many things going on in our life, it is natural our mind feels exhausted.

At Open-alpha, we are here to serve you. Start cultivating the skills that can last life-time!  

This is for..

Anyone struggling with stress and anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed with negative feelings and want to change the situations in a positive way, including:

Busy Professionals

who needs to stay focused


 looking for effective solution to stress

Young Adults

with social anxiety, stress 

Corporate Training

Looking for effective solution for your team? 

who want to stay positive


happy to take care of family

Moms & Dads


A diverse group of clients

Since its launch in 2003, the program has served over a thousand of clients in Japan.

It's helped a diverse group of individuals:

Stay-home moms, Executives, Business Owners, Managers, Teachers, Doctors, Therapists, Lawyers, Teens, Young Adults


Meet Your Instructor

Yumi Tomita -

The certified self-care trainer and owner of Open-alpha

Hi, thank you for visiting our website, I'm so happy you found us!

I will be your instructor for all the courses provided. I’m humbled by all the feedback I receive from my clients who experience the courses with me. We make the time together relaxing and comfortable, thus, we naturally bond so quickly.

The mind-cleansing program has helped me overcome my social anxiety and phobia that I struggled with over 10 years. For more story, read my blog here.

We're here to provide you with tools, techniques and knowledge you can use to help you clear your mind, and restore inner-peace so you can tap into your inner potentials your mind has.

I look forward to serving you soon!

With love,



How does it work?

The simple tools, music, and your power of imagination are the keys in this mind cleansing method. 

Our music has been specially-edited to reach your deep brain and clear distractions in your head.

This can help you quiet the mind chatter so you can focus better within your mind.

You'll learn how to leverage your power of imagination, so that you can tap into the potentials your mind has.

With practice, this mind cleansing technique can help you in various aspects of your life.


What’s weighing you down? Your work, your relationships, your family..

You’ll learn how you can let go of unwanted feelings and situations, so you can live a happier life!

Program Price

New! Quick Mind Cleansing Course - 3hrs $300

Beginner's Course - 10hrs  $1000

Master's Course - 21hrs $2000

Executive Course - 22hrs $3000

Shorter Course Now Available!

We just started offering quick Mind Cleansing Course. 

You can learn the very basic mind cleansing skills in 3 hours!

This is the first part of the Beginner's Course, in which you will gain:

Tools & basic knowledge

to cleanse the mind

Access to our specially-designed music to

bring calm and peace

For a group, we offer group discount. Please contact for more info!

1 Person

$300 / person

2 - 5 people

$270 / person

6 people ~

$240 / person

Beginner's Course

$1,000 for 10 hours

(90min or 120min per session)

In the Beginner's Course, you'll learn how to use the power of imagination to:

-Bring clarity to your mind

-Have a better understanding of yourself

You will also receive trainings to teach the quick mind cleansing course

if interested in becoming a "mind cleansing teacher."

If you take the Beginner's Course within 3 months

of taking the quick Mind Cleansing Course, the Beginner's Course will be: $700

We've also remodeled our Business Partnership system with even more business opportunities!

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