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The Hawaiian Pareo Exercise has been designed to give appreciation to our body and self-detox as we go through gentle and strain-free movements. The founders of this exercise wished to create fluid motions that can be easily duplicated and practiced by anyone to promote wellbeing and health in any situation.

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Everything starts with me and when I commit to facing myself..”

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​Program Details

Founded by health professionals from Japan, the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise incorporates ancient Japanese wisdom and appreciates the Aloha spirit needed to self-care our body.


- Improve circulations of blood, lymph and ki energy of our body

- Adjust body alignment

- Better understanding our own body and heal with gentle moves 

- Self-detox anywhere anytime 

We make it fun by wearing a pareo skirt and flower on our hair (yes all genders are welcome!), and exercise along with Hawaiian music. 

Want to experience it? Try one of the exercise movements from the link below!

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Your Trainer

Hi, my name is Yumi, I'm a certified Executive Trainer for the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise. I love how light the mind and body feel after we exercise! Every class comes together and encourages each other to make a difference in themselves for themselves. I will walk you through step by step to show all the movements so that you feel comfortable doing it yourself. Contact us if you have any questions!

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